6 Recommendations in Tokyo | Designed by Japanese architects



I live in Japan, but while traveling to various countries, I am often asked about recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

So, using my background as an architect, I tried to think of a place that would be architecturally interesting and suitable for sightseeing.

I would like to introduce six carefully selected spots for everyone visiting Tokyo, from solo travelers to families.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

This church was designed by Kenzo Tange, one of Japan’s leading architects.

This building, which has an HP shell structure, is distinctive from the outside, but the interior space is also very splendid.

The exposed concrete and the light coming in through the slits combine to create a sense of time passing away, separated from the outside world.

It is not allowed to take photos inside during the general tour, so I have included some reference photos.

[Quote] https://casabrutus.com/categories/architecture/336036

If you are interested in more architectural details, please take a look at the separate article, which is in Japanese.

目に焼きつくシンボリックな形 「東京カテドラル聖マリア大聖堂(1964年竣工)」は東京都文京区にあります。設計は丹下健三さん(1913-2005)です。目白通りからだと先に塔が目に付きます。そしてステンレス板が張られたHPシェルの十字の建物が現れます。 ここは代々木体育館と同時期に竣工しています。構造設計は代々木体育館と同様、坪井善勝さんです。 HPシェルの躯体とステンレスの外装 建物は8つのHP...
About “St. Mary’s Cathedral”

[Architect] Tange Kenzo
[Map] https://maps.app.goo.gl/F4nKJL2ppvBRomXs6?g_st=ic
[HP] https://catholic-sekiguchi.jp/home/

Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo

Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo is a building designed by Hiroshi Naito.

While paintings by painter and picture book author Chihiro Iwasaki are on display, you can also see Naito’s architectural details.

It’s a very nice place where both children and adults can enjoy and have peace of mind.

I recommend a postcard with Chihiro Iwasaki’s picture on it as a souvenir.

If you are interested in more architectural details, please take a look at the separate article, which is in Japanese.

住宅街に現れる赤い建物群 東京のちひろ美術館は練馬区にあります。長野県安曇野市のちひろ美術館と同様に、設計は内藤廣さんです。 建物は分棟配置されていて、一つ一つが周囲の住宅地のスケールと合っていますが、赤色に塗装されたステンレス鋼板の外観は結構目立ちます。 隣のマンションも同じような色合いだったのは偶然なのか意図されたものなのかは分かりませんが、その連続性が色とは区切りのことだということを再認識さ...
About “Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo”

[Architect] Hiroshi Naito
[Completed] 2002
[Map] https://maps.app.goo.gl/D5Cwxjkhj2euxV3E7
[HP] https://chihiro.jp/en/tokyo/

TORAYA Akasaka Main Store

TORAYA Akasaka Main Store is a building designed by Hiroshi Naito.

TORAYA is a famous Japanese sweets store in Japan, and there are stores in various locations, but this is the main store.

It’s nice to take a look at the interior space surrounded by cypress, but I also recommend eating “matcha” and “yokan” at the cafe on the top floor.

You can spend a wonderful time taking in the view of the Akasaka Imperial Estate right in front of you.

If you are interested in more architectural details, please take a look at the separate article, which is in Japanese.

はじめに「オープンしたての見学」 「とらや赤坂店」は東京都港区の赤坂にあります。設計は内藤廣さんです。とらやの社長と内藤さんは昵懇の仲らしく、多くの店舗設計を内藤さんが手がけています。 2018年10月1日にオープンしたので、初めて行った時はまだオープンから2週間しか経っていなく新築の状態を感じられました。 扇型の建物形状に内包される「和空間」 構造は地下はRC造とSRC造、地上はS造で、内装には...
About “TORAYA Akasaka Main Store”

[Architect] Hiroshi Naito
[Map] https://maps.app.goo.gl/ktzpoqvfnKcXBXxH8?g_st=ic
[HP] https://www.toraya-group.co.jp/shops/shop-5


[Quote] https://www.starbucks.co.jp/reserve/roastery/

STARBUCKS RESERVE(R) ROASTERY TOKYO is a building designed by Kengo Kuma.

This is a rare building where the entire 4-story building is a Starbucks.

Coffee is also roasted inside the building, and you can watch it being roasted.

There are many seats, so find your favorite spot. It’s usually crowded, so I recommend going when it opens.


[Architect] Kengo Kuma
[Map] https://maps.app.goo.gl/oCh7y6mYjq4ugYHMA?g_st=ic
[HP] https://www.starbucksreserve.com/en-us/locations/tokyo

Kasai Rinkai Park

[Quote] https://www.gotokyo.org/en/index.html

Kasai Rinkai Park includes a park, an aquarium, a Ferris wheel, a rest house, and restaurants.

The aquarium and rest house were designed by Yoshio Taniguchi. It is a building with beautiful linear glass.

The location is close to the ocean and you can see Disneyland right in front of you, so I think it’s a place where you can enjoy a whole day. It’s a park near the station, so it’s easy to access.

The scenery created by the combination of nature and buildings at dusk is particularly beautiful, so I highly recommend to experience it.

About “Kasai Rinkai Park”

[Architect] Yoshio Taniguchi (rest house & aquarium)
[Map] https://maps.app.goo.gl/oLFxNqpBKTPRQdaw5?g_st=ic
[HP] https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index026.html


These are 6 sightseeing spots in Tokyo recommended by architects.

When I travel, I often find myself thinking that although I have seen most of the famous places, there are probably many more interesting places that locals know about.

I hope this article was helpful.